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Create BlogSpot website, Post Articles , Google Adsense pays for it.

There are many sources to earn income through internet. Today I am going to explain one more source of earning income through online, without any investment.

Have you heard about Many people are earning hand full income through this BlogSpot, just by posting Articles. Google ad sense provides advertisement link, that link we have to place in our BlogSpot website and Google pays for it.

Many people are earning more than Rs.5000 per day using
But you have to be a good article writer. You can post any type of article in this but you have to follow rules and regulations of Google.

Just you have to follow below steps.

  1. Open and create your account.
  2. You can create any blogs which suites your talent. (For Example; If you are good in computer hardware and networking you can develop blog site related to hardware and networking).
  3. Then publish articles in your blog site. (Please Note: Don’t copy any contents from other sites because Google verify your articles. If it is found such contents in other sites then they may block your account.)
  4. Then you have to promote your articles by posting in sum ad classified website. Promoting website takes very long time, it may take more than 6 months. Day by day your article will get promoted if you publish good articles.
  5. But one thing you must note it is not a quick rich money making plan, it depends on your talent and your article.

So I recommend not dumping your money by investing on MLM Company, Forex Trading Company and Share Company, etc.



Growing your online home business takes time. You cannot start a business today and expect to make millions of money immediately. It takes a sustainable, broad marketing strategy to build your business. Learn how to you can grow your online business step by step.

its takes patience and focus to earn income online.

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Build your home business with successful mentors or risk failure from the start. Extensive research has shown that the success percentage of nearly any endeavor greatly increases when a "model" to follow is provided. Building a home business as a way to earn a living requires guidance from others who have already done what you are trying to do. Stay away from those who are just barely one step ahead of where you are.

To build your home business with successful mentors your first step will be to "find" a successful mentor (or mentors) you feel you can work with and that have the patience to take you by the hand and walk you through the early struggles you will undoubtedly have as you get started. But "getting started" is just the beginning, your mentor will also need to show you how to grow and prosper with your new business.


This old saying has always been true -- success DOES leave a trail. And of course, to build your home business with successful mentors you must find a mentor that has a "visible trail of success" at helping others do that same thing. Ask questions and listen carefully to their answers. Questions like:

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Can they "communicate" what they know to others? (Being able to "do", and being able to "teach" are two very different things. Find someone who can "teach".)
Are they patient with others? (One of the biggest assets of a good teacher is patience. Everyone learns at different speeds and levels, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to learning. A good mentor will adjust to those they are teaching.)

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To be honest the business opportunities on Blogspot are plentiful. The best part about Blogspot is that it is not exclusive, but it is free and anyone can sign up. My sister runs a blog as a stay at home mother. She has two kids and makes a hand full of income without having to do much work outside of the home. She focuses on helping people to be good mothers in her articles. On the other hand I have a brother who blogs, but doesn't make any money. His content just isn't universal or appealing. He doesn't target specific keywords or niches. He wonders why he doesn't have the success of my sister and I just told him he needs to do his research. Thanks for the post I think I will pass it on to him.

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