Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Leaders Promote EKutir India In The Name of Google & Tata

Website Name :
Company Name : E Kutir India
There are number of leaders online and offline you will find promoting EKutir India in the name of Google and Tata.

Few days back when I heard about the EKutir India and its partnership with Google and Tata, I immediately reacted; it’s not possible for such a billion dollar industries to start such a networking business.

I could think if Tata launch its product through network marketing but Google will never come in the MLM business even if they want to promote its any of the product for huge response.

There is a very simple reason for this. It will take couple of years to reach a product to millions of people by any industry but Google can promote this in just couple of week through its search engine

Remember the launch of Google+ where millions of people joined when Google advertised Google+ on its home page.

Even if you don’t consider above fact, just imagine when the MLM industry is going through a very bad phase, why the companies like Tata and Google will bring their product in MLM.

One of the online ad explain the role of everyone in this business as-

Role of Google: 
@ To provide job work to the affiliates 
@To take registration amount 
@To allot a Job work in GETJOBDESK 
@To pay for the job done in GETJOBDESK

Role of TATA: 
@ To provide the necessary technology to the affiliates. 
@ To make available the ONLINE STORAGE SOFTWARE to the affiliates.

Role of E Kutir: 
@To bring together both the Giants 
@E-Kutir reserves all rites to promote the TATA-GOOGLE Venture in India.

Now when I cross checked this on website, there was no mention about any of things like Tata and Google tie up.  However in one of the place I just found a logo of Tata Communications as channel partner. 
It reminds me of one of the earlier MLM where a person started one MLM in the name of Reliance and he was just a DSA of reliance insurance. Now anybody can take such DSA and open there office to promote Reliance insurance. So this TATA channel partnership may correspond to something like that. Google was not mentioned on any of its pages on the whole site of EKutir India.
If there is any MLM company and they have products from different companies, it does not mean, that they have tie up with that company. So don’t get misled by any of such ads or from any MLM person who convince you for this.



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