Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wazzub - Breaking News

I have seen plenty of people posting Wazzub ads in Facebook , ad classified site, blog site etc. 

I can't believe that’s real! I don’t know understand the intension of the company because they offer free registration.

I think Wazzub is scam, because the postal address is landing at some kind of office in Las Vegas And there is no site notice on the page with telephone number to reach service And if it is real, why aren't there articles in the newspaper yet?

How we say its Wazzub is scam?

I have noticed similar home page image in some other websites. Image contain girl sitting in red chair with laptop, that same image is available in following websites.

Uploaded this image in November 27th 2008  :

Am not sure why they publish other company’s images as their home page.

You can register to this website because it’s available free of cost.

But I recommend not doing this:
·         Don’t waste time to promote Wazzub website.
·      Don’t type your personal email password to this Wazzub website. There is a chance of misusing your account.



We Bookmark this website. writer Thoughts are appreciated and Thanks for Sharing on Net.
I also see Speak Asia Latest News
according to Speak Asia they works on Paid Surveys method
means people do the survey and They paid according to that .but i must say Jai Ho Speak Asia and Speak Asian's Are Great.

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